What is the Battle of the Books
The Battle of the Books is a reading motivational program which strives to encourage the pleasure of reading, broaden reading interests, and have students work toward a goal as a member of a team.
The purpose of the Battle of the Books
v To build reading fluency and comprehension
v To promote a love of reading
v To work cooperatively as a team
v To create a shared experience with the grade level
v To give students some wonderful authors/series they might choose to read for outside reading in various genres.
Students will be place on a balanced team of 4-6 students from their class. In the “battle”, each team will be asked ten different questions. All questions begin with “in what book…” and relate to character, plot, events and setting. Points are awarded for the correct title and author. The team members have thirty seconds to confer and give their answer.
Rules for the Battle of the Books
1) Each team will consist of five (5) or six (6). The librarian and teacher will handle the jobs of questioner, scorekeeper, timekeeper and judge.
2) Each team will have a chance to answer 10 questions. All of the questions in the competition begin with the words “In which book…” and the correct answer is always the title and author of the book. Each team will have 30 seconds to answer a question. Each team will be given a warning “ten seconds left” after 20 seconds have elapsed. A title begun when time is called may be completed but the author may not be given. An author begun when time is called may be completed.
3) Five (5) points will be scored for each correct book title. Three points will be scored for each correct author. The correct title will be that found on the title page of the book and the official book list. Initial articles (a, an, the) will be disregarded. The correct author means the complete name (s) and any initial found on the title page of the book and on the official book list.
4) A team cannot earn the 3 bonus points for the author, unless the title has been stated correctly.
5) A team may answer a question only when the question is directed to that team. If the wrong team answers the question, or if someone other than the questioned team shouts out the answer, the question will be eliminated and replaced with another question.
6) Each member of the team will have a turn as spokesperson. Teams will be seated in the order each will speak. If a team member answers out of turn, no credit will be given, and a new question asked of the next team. All team members should confer before the spokesperson rises to answer the question. Is it suggested that the spokesperson say the answer to the team before rising. Once the spokesperson is standing, no help may be given from the team. Whatever answer the spokesperson starts to say is the one that will be accepted even if he/she wishes to change the answer.
7) If a team does not answer its question correctly within the 30-second time limit, the questioner will state the answer to that question, no points will be scored and the next team will receive a new question.
8) Half time scores will be given after five (5) questions. After 10 questions, the final score will be announced and a winner declared.
9) In the event of a tie score, 5 complete rounds of tiebreaker questions (1 round = 1 question per team) will be asked of those teams which are tied, until one team has a higher score at the end of the competed rounds.
10) Should a team wish to challenge either the questioner, the scorekeeper or timekeeper during the Battle, the most recent spokesperson on the team should ask for a “Time Out” immediately following the action wishing to be challenged. A member of the team will state the complaint and the officials and the judge will confer. Teams will have access to Battle titles to verify question challenges. The judge’s decision is final, and once that decision is stated, the Battle will resume.
11) A question will be repeated ONLY if it is requested immediately after the initial asking of the question because of a sound interference or other problem with hearing the questioner. This time will not be taken from the allotted answer period.