Grade 4 - Language Arts Enrichment
Mythology Unit

Mythology Topics:

Spiders & webs
Night & Day
Why bats sleep upside down
Constellations (Orion, Castor, Pollux)
Frogs and the noises they make

Here are some websites which you can use to gather information about these natural phenomena - select KIDS version,
username & password = columbia
If you do not get the information you need in the Kids version, try the Student edition.
a page created by the former Jefferson School Librarian with links to information on several of the mythology topics

Ask-a-Scientist Archives - contains a list of all questions asked and answered since the service started in 1991. Check here to see if your question has been answered.

Bats and Sleep - a page from the Department of Education’s Ask a Scientist site

How Stuff Works - sponsored by Discover Channel (pages have lots of ads) - section on animals - about bats - multiple pages about how lightning works - Day - Night

Gold - How gold is formed

What Makes an Echo?

What is a constellation?

What is fire? (you will need to log in, to view this out-of-school)