Grade 3 – Invention Convention 2012

Some websites for you to visit to get information on inventors or inventions… List of kid-friendly links in Dewey Decimal order. The Classification number for inventions is usually 608, though more general science/invention items can be found in 600-609 (Inventor Hall of Fame) (if you already know the name of your inventor) -
- links to great, child-friendly sites compiled by the American Library Association.
Child-friendly search engine… sites are screened by librarians.

The resources/databases listed below are made available to our students through the school district and through the NJ State Library.//

Digital version of complete 22 volume print set with atlas, dictionary, additional articles, editor-reviewed websites, multimedia offerings, regular current news updates and Spanish Language Encyclopedia. Select the KIDS or STUDENTS version, for shorter and easier to understand articles.

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