Dear Third Graders and Families,
It’s time for the fourth grade Battle of the Books. The Battle of the Books is a reading motivational program which strives to encourage the pleasure of reading. For the next ten weeks, you will be part of an exciting challenge that requires reading and teamwork. We have ten amazing titles on the list this year. The books will be read independently for pleasure and to help their team. The book titles were introduced this week during student’s library class.
  • The purpose of the Battle of the Books is:
  • To build reading fluency and comprehension
  • To work cooperatively as a team
  • To create a shared experience with the grade level
  • To expose students to some new authors/series

Students will be place on a balanced team of 4-6 students from their class. In the “battle”, each team will be asked ten different questions. All questions begin with “in what book…” and relate to character, plot, events and setting. Points are awarded for the correct title and author. The team members have thirty seconds to confer and give their answer. The students will take turns answering the questions. They should use their special bookmark to study the titles of the books and the authors.
Every student is expected to read at least three of these books over the next ten weeks. However, keep in mind that the more books you read, the better prepared you will be to help your team win. Classroom battles will take place in the library in June. The team that wins from each class will compete in a final battle. All students will receive a certificate for participation.

Mrs. Campbell

3rd Grade Battle of the Books 2015

Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days by Stephen Manes
One day at the library, a book falls off the top shelf and hits Milo on the head. It’s called Be a perfect Person in Just Three Days! Milo figures the book is worth reading. And that is only the first day!!!!!!

Gooney Birde Greene by Lois Lowry
There’s never been anyone like Gooney Bird Greene at Watertower Elementary School. What other new kid would come to school wearing Pajamas and cowboy boots. Gooney Bird has to sit right smack in the middle of the class because she likes to be in the middle of everything. She’s the star of story time and keeps her classmates on the edge of their seats with her absolutely true stories.

Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet by Tony Abbott
Eric, Julie and Neal have just found something magic in Eric’s Basement. They have discovered a staircase to another world! The world of Droon is amazing—full of magic, flying lizards, and fun, furry creatures. Buthow will Eric, Julie, and Neal find their way home? Maybe their new friend, Princess Keeah, can help.

The Sloppy Copy Slipup by Dyanne DiSalvo
Brian Higman, also known as Big Hig, has a problem. He does not have his sloppy copy writing assignment ready to turn in, and his teacher, Miss Fromme, is not one to listen to excuses. But Brian has really good reasons this time. Between the antics of his impossible five-year-old brother and his teenage brother's rock-and-roll band rehearsing at his house, not to mention the fact that his life savings have gone missing, it was impossible to get any homework done over the weekend.

Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary
Ralph the mouse ventures out from behind the knothole in the wall of his hotel room home, scrambles up the telephone wire to the end table and climbs aboard the toy motorcycle left there by a young guest. His thrill ride does not last long. The ringing telephone startles Ralph and he and the motorcycle take a terrible fall.

Miss Daisy is Crazy by Dan Gutman
Second-grader A. J. hates school, but he has to admit that Miss Daisy isn't like any teacher he has had before. She enjoys watching TV and eating chocolate just like A. J., and she is always asking her students for help solving problems in math and spelling.

Shoeshine Girl by Clyde Robert Bulla
Determined to earn some money, ten-year-old Sarah Ida gets a job at a shoe shine stand and learns a great many things besides shining shoes.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins by Richard and Florence Atwater
It is hard enough for Mr. Popper to support himself, Mrs. Popper, Bill, and Janie popper. The addition of twelve penguins to the family makes it almost impossible to make ends meet. Now Mr. Popper has sixteen mouths to feed. But Mr. Popper has a splendid idea---the talented penguins would be a sensation on stage.

The Story of Thomas Alva Edison by Margaret Davidso
It was 8 o’clock at night, on October 19, 1879..that was the evening Tom Edison turned electricity into light with the invention of the electric light blub. Thomas Edison also invented the phonograph and an early form of motion pictures. This is the amazing story of his life and of his inventions that changed the world.

What’s the Big Idea, Ben Franklin by Jean Fritz
This is a brief biography of the eighteenth-century printer, inventor, and statesman who played an influential role in the early history of the United States.