Interactive Whiteboard activities
Links to sites containing great activities to use with the Smartboard (interactive white board). Includes games, quizzes, lessons, short video clips, interactive storybooks, etc.

Interactive Whiteboard Resource Lists
This page contains sites that contain lists of K-6 appropriate resources available for use with Interactive Whiteboards. The lists are often sorted or searchable by topic, grade level, subject area or theme.

Lesson Plan sites
Contains links to sites which contain K-5 appropriate lesson plans, usually searchable or listed by grade level, topic, theme, or subject area.

Book Lists and other book-related sites
Contains links to sites which contain lists of books by theme, subject area or grade level, as well as links to sites containing book-related activities and lesson plans.

Contains links to pages with printable activities for K-5 . Includes bookmarks, worksheets, puzzles, classroom signage, etc.

Other useful sites...

Core Standards - site for the newly adopted National Core Standards in Language Arts and Math
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Teachers - Resource Finder
PortaPortal- Teacher Resources
Internet 4 Classrooms
Activities for Kids - Teachers
Joyce Valenza's Techie site
Classroom Connect
Top 20 Websites No Teacher Should Start the 2010-2011 Year Without