The library is in constant need of books and other items that our budgets cannot provide.

Parents often ask how they can help. Here are some suggestions of items we would like to have in our library , or would make our lives easier. Anything you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

South Mountain Annex Library
South Mountain Library
supplies, office-type
first class postage stamps ( Forever-type)
business size, #10, envelopes
colored copy paper, bright yellow, and pastels
First class postage stamps ( Forever type)
paper clips
business sized, #10, envelopes
colored copy paper, pastels/bright colors
supplies, other
1 gallon & 2 gallon slideloc zipper plastic bags
rolls of clear contact paper
rolls of clear contact paper
books, by author

books by Donald Crews
books by Ezra Jack Keats
books by Jan Brett
books by Marc Brown (Arthur series) - paperback preferred - ArthurBooksWantedfor SM.doc
(paperback or hardcovers are welcome)
books - by series
Rainbow Magic - by Daisy Meadows
I Spy Challenger
Ready, Freddy by Abby Klein
Andrew LOST, by J C Greenburg
Sisters Eight
DanGutmanMyWeirdSchool.pdf - List of My Weird School series books the library needs to fill in gaps in the collection
Young Cam Jansen series by David A Adler
Riot Brothers series by Mary Amato
Friends for Keeps series by Julie Bowe
Just Grace series by Charise M. Harper
Warriors, series 3 by Erin Hunter
Warriors ( Graphic Novel version) by Dan Jolley ( might be out of print)
books by topic

Grade3InventionBookswanted.pdf - Invention books for Grade 3
Enrichment_Law-Architecture.pdf - Books for Grades 4-5 Enrichment program
gr3FablesOrder.pdf - Fable Books (Grade 3)
Birds_Grade 2.xls - books to enhance the grade 2 unit on Birds
books by title

World Book Encyclopedia, print edition, newer than 2006.

We are also collecting used ink and toner cartridges ( from printers, fax machines and copiers), that we turn in to Staples for recycling. We get credit at Staples for each cartridge we submit. We use these credits for items on sale, or on-going supplies, for which we do not have to create a school purchase order, and purchase through a specific , often more expensive, state-approved vendor. We can take advantage of the weekly sales at Staples. The Physical Education staff, the library staff and the main office staff work together to recycle the cartridges and purchase items for our programs.