Enrichment Language Arts - Grade 4
List of Research topics for Grade 4 Mythology Project

  • fire
  • growing old ( choose a system in the body, or an organ) - also called "aging"
  • spider webs and any information about them
  • lightning
  • constellations
  • echoes
  • bats and how they sleep
  • gold
  • dolphins

Record the information you find in the Explore book (Blue Book)

Resources to use:
  • World Book Online - select the KIDS section - for access from home, both the username and password is "columbia"

  • Norse MythologyLearn about the Norse Gods, the realms of Norse mythology, mythical objects and events, animals and monsters, men and women, and dwarfs and giants. You can also find information on Egyptian, Gaelic, and Classical Mythology.
    [ Illustrations: no | Reading Level: 3-6 | Subject: Mythology ]

  • Encyclopedia Mythica
    This is the award-winning internet encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and religion. Here you will find everything from A-gskw to Zveda Vechanyaya, with plenty in between. There is an image gallery where you will find hundreds of images of all kinds of deities, heroes, and strange creatures of every description.
    [ Illustrations: many | Reading Level: 3-6 | Subject: Mythology ]
  • Windows to the Universe.
A vibrant site filled with facts, mythology, poetry, art, and games about astronomy, the solar system, scientists,
space exploration, weather, and more.