Grade 4 - Ecosystems

Use these links to do your research for your Ecosystems project. Start with these links FIRST, BEFORE you go to Wikipedia is not to be used for this project.

Kid-friendly Search Directories - These links will search a pre-set list of sites, and can also be browsed by topic.

World Book Online
When accessing World Book Online from a non-school computer, you will need to log in:
Username & password = columbia

Enchanted Learning is a wonderful site for K-5 students to use to get basic information about topics.

Blue Planet Biomes - - site created by 6th graders & their science and math teachers in Massachusetts as a part of their science unit on biomes.

Biomes of the World - from The Wild Classroom - -- includes videos from each of the biomes

The World’s Biomes (from University of California, Museum of Paleontology) - created by college students for a course

Panoramas of Different Ecosystems:

Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet -

eNature - - great resource for researching animals

Mojave Desert links -- geared to older students - you might need some help with these.

Amazon Rainforest - ( a slide show format of the links below)

North American Deciduous Forest
Arctic Tundra

North Atlantic Ocean

The sites below were found using :

**What's It Like Where You Live?**
Major biomes of the world, freshwater ecosystems, and marine ecosystems are explored. Scientific facts about their climate, plants, animals, and importance in human life are presented. Presented by the Missouri Botanical Garden.
Illustrations: many | Reading Level: 3 | Subject: Oceans

Missouri Botanical Garden's website about rainforests. Provides information on temperate and tropical rainforests of the world. The site also contains information on tropical plants, animals, and the endangered status of rainforests. The site also contains links to biomes of the world and freshwater ecosystems.
Illustrations: many | Reading Level: 3 | Subject: Rain Forests

**Freshwater Ecosystems**

This site provides an in-depth look at freshwater ecosystems and includes charts, pictures, slide shows and articles with information on topics such as algae or rivers. The site is divided into three main categories with colorful pages.
Illustrations: many | Reading Level: 3 | Subject: Lakes & Ponds

**Eco-Pros Ecology Protectors Society**
Eco-Pros focuses on ecology, the environment, natural resources, plants, animals, ecosystems, and endangered species. Annotated links are provided to over 800 sources of online information. Other sections include: teacher resources, environmental news, links, photos, tips for kids, problem solving, and project ideas for helping the environment and humanity.
Illustrations: some | Reading Level: 3 | Subject: Environment

**Ecosystems of Our World**
What is a biome? What is an ecosystem? These and other questions answered at this site. This site also covers the different types of biomes including mountains, tundra, savannah, and more.
Illustrations: many | Reading Level: 7 | Subject: Environment